Granular Flupropanate

Treated vs untreated Tussock


GP FLUPROPANATE is a high quality herbicide granule for the control of Giant Rat’s Tail Grass,
Parramatta Grass, Giant Parramatta Grass and Serrated Tussock and certain other Invasive grasses, based on the proven active of Flupropanate. It is manufactured in Australia to a formulae specifically developed for Australian conditions.


Microlaena amongst dead Tussock

Granular Flupropanate offers:

  • Easy Application: Granular formulation means no capital investments in spray equipment and minimum labour involvement. No chemical mixing.
  • Highly effective results: The granules have a hardy clay carrier with the Flupropanate present both on the surface and absorbed within the clay core. This allows the granule to have a two phase release with the Flupropanate being rapidly released from the surface of the granule and then more slowly released from within the clay core. The two phase release gives a better weed control.
  • No interuption to grazing to productive pastures: The granular formulation means the application can be much more targeted and has minimal effective of non targeted species, therefore not impinging on stock rates.

    Granular Flupropanate buckets

    Granular Flupropanate 15kg bucket

  • A 15kg bucket of Granular Fluproponate will cover one hectare.

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