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Ag Innovations aims to provide you with the latest new and exciting products to improve the efficiency and productivity of your farming operation. We actively participate in trial work to ensure these products have a benefit to our customers before we agree to become involved in distributing them to you, our farming clients.

Anipro liquid supplement for Production 

Anipro with cattle

When producing top quality beef, lamb or wool products, you can’t just rely on good seasonal conditions. You need to make the most of what you have – whether it’s fresh or mature forage.

Anipro liquid supplements are the recognised leader in liquid supplementation for grazing livestock for a number of reasons:

  • Maximum Production Potential Anipro Logo
  • Quality Product
  • The RumaPro™ Advantage
  • Full service program
  • No labour or capital costs

Granular Flupropanate for effective weed control 


A high quality herbicide granule for the control of Giant Rat’s Tail Grass, Parramatta Grass, Giant Parramatta Grass and Serrated Tussock and certain other Invasive grasses, based on the proven active of Flupropanate. 


Treated Tussock showing minimal damage to existing native pasture

Granular Flupropanate offers: 

    • Easy Application
    • Highly effective results
    • No interuption to grazing to productive pastures
    • A 15kg bucket of Granular Fluproponate will cover one hectare.


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